11 Signs That Show Your Partner Is A Gentleman


By Adebayo Williams

1. Help you into a coat or wrap

2. Open the car door for you

3. Offer the arm when negotiating tricky terrain like cobblestones/mud

4. Stand up when you leave the table at dinner ( in a restaurant – assume no one does this at home?)

5. Open doors to buildings for you

6. Carry heavy items, hangers with clothes in shops

7. Ask you to dance

8. Ask you if there’s anything you need lifted/ down from the loft/ out to the car before he goes out

9. Go to the bar/order the bill

10. Not create any sort of ‘scene’ in public

11. Knock before coming into a room where your dressing or doing intimate things

Culled from Dailymail.co.uk/femail


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