19-year-old Boy Rapes Chicken To Death

A 19-year-old apprentice welder (names withheld) was caught at about 11.20 p.m. yesterday making love to a hen. It reportedly died during the act. Neighbours confirmed that the boy had done a similar thing to a goat in his home town, Afo in Ose Local Government Area of the state, an act that was said to have earned him banishment from the town to live with his brother in Akure.

Mrs. Stella Akintola, owner of the chicken, said she was woken up by the cackling of the chicken and went outside to see what was happening.

“I shouted to know who was still at the backyard only for him to appear from the corner of the house, claiming that he went to the toilet to ease himself. It was when I visited the toilet that I found one of the hens dead, with its feathers littering the floor,” she said.

Akintola said she raised an alarm and this made the suspect confess that he was responsible for the death of the fowl.

In his confession, the suspect said: “I was already sleeping when a spirit just came upon me and directed me to go to the back of the building. I did not know what I was doing again until when I discovered that I had slept with the hen.”


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