Cameron Plans New Counter-terrorism Measures Against ISIS

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While the United States declared it has not developed a strategy to tackle the barbarism of terrorist ISIS, its all-time ally, Britain defers.

There are indications British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Deputy, Nick Clegg, have pushed for tougher legislations to counter the surging deadly terrosist group, ISIS. Both are reportedly in neck-deep negotiations to get a fresh round of measures to tackle the threat posed by terror suspects in Britain.

In a statement to parliament, last Monday, Cameron, said terror threat to Britain heightened with the collaboration of suspected British terrorists in the ISIS murderous ring.

"It is becoming clear that there are some gaps in our armoury and we need to strengthen them. We need to do more to stop people travelling, to stop those who do go from returning and to deal decisively with those who are already here," he said.

He spoke amid fears that extremists aligned to ISIS plan to return from the conflict-torn region to mount attacks in western Europe. He added that the ISIS and its like posed a "generational struggle" for the UK and other western countries.

Cameron highlighted plans to make it easier to revoke passports for British citizens amid concerns that this power has only been used on 23 occasions in the last year while up to 250 jihadis are thought to have returned to Britain from Iraq and Syria.

The move will make it easier to prevent suspects from travelling to Syria and Iraq.

The threat to Britain, as other western nations, peaked with the beheading of a British journalist, James Foley, by an equally British-accented terrorist shown in a video.

Cameron said: "It was clear evidence, not that any more was needed, that this is not some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore. The ambition to create an extremist caliphate in the heart of Iraq and Syria is a threat to our own security here in the UK."


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