ISIS: Obama Says No Immediate Strategy Yet

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President Barack Obama of the United States, Thursday, said the US does not have an immediate strategy against ISIS in Syria.

Briefing journalists at the White House, Obama explained that he does not want to put the cart before the horse, since there was no strategy yet.

He explained that America's top defence officials have been charged to prepare a range of options to enable it go after ISIS in Syria. He described Syria as a safe haven for the Sunni extremists.

The President's remarks followed days of speculation on the US’s plan to go after ISIS in Syria.

"We need to make sure that we've got clear plans, that we're developing them. At that point, I will consult with Congress and make sure that their voices are heard. But there's no point in me asking for action on the part of Congress before knowing what would be required for us to get the job done," Obama said.

Obama made it clear that any plan to go after ISIL in Syria would take time and it requires a regional strategy.

The Secretary of State, John Kerry, would be sent to work on building a coalition needed to face ISIS militants.

"Clearly, ISIL has come to represent the very worst elements in the region that we have to deal with collectively, and that's going to require us to stabilise Syria in some fashion," Obama explained, adding that stabilising Syria means that the US will need moderate Sunnis who can govern themselves effectively.

“But that may prove to be problematic. Syria's ally, Russia, has repeatedly blocked attempts by the U.N. Security Council that call on President Bashar al-Assad to step down as part of efforts to end the civil war that has ravaged the country for three years,” Obama said.

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