Nigeria Is Not Free From Ebola – Chukwu

[caption id="attachment_328" align="alignleft" width="590"]Chukwu Chukwu[/caption]

The Federal Government, on Wednesday, said it was not yet uhuru for Nigerians based on the reports that the country is successfully containing the Ebola Virus Disease, EVD.

Minister for Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, told journalists in Abuja that the “country is still at risk.”

He said even though progress was being made in the containment of the virus, it has not been eliminated.

Chukwu explained that in-and-out bounds travels meant the disease could still find its way into the country.

He said: “As we speak, there is a case we are still managing. And even that case we are still managing must also have had her own third degree contacts; many of whom are part of this number of people that are under surveillance.

“So, until we give a clean bill of health to every contact, we cannot even say we have eliminated the disease. There is still a chance one of the people under surveillance may fall sick and test positive.”

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