Nyako Alleges PlotTo Falsify Probe Panel Reports



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of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako, said he has observed a plan by his detractors to “exaggerate and even falsify reports” of the Judicial Panel of Enquiry probing his tenure in office. Nyako said the plan aimed at misleading the public on policies enunciated before his ouster from office.

Nyako, who has shied from the public, since his removal on 15 July, spoke through his media aide, Ahmad Sarjoh, on Sunday.

Sarjoh identified those behind the plot as “government propagandists,” who aim “to create the wrong impression that whatever policy enunciated by the Nyako regime at whatever date had existed throughout the seven years he ruled the state.” The media aide described the plot as “ quite uncharitable and calls to question the credibility of those behind the false reports.” He also accused local and national medium of bias in reporting the issue.

He also debunked claims that he siphoned state funds using a bank account belonging to his ADC. Sarjoh explained that rather the ADC had ensured diligence in seeing that a dedicated fund for equipping the Police achieved its objective. He said: “When both the state government and the Nigeria Police Command in the state felt that there was a need to ensure that the police are always mobile, a special account was opened and dedicated to the maintenance and fuelling of police vehicles to which the 21 local governments were to contribute N6.5m monthly.

“The ADC ensured that the money was paid into the account on monthly basis. In view of the efficacy of the process in ensuring that the system helped greatly in combating crime in the state, the ADC deserves commendation not indictment for that. To raise the figure beyond the N6.5m and multiply same by 84 months or seven years is simply mischievous.

“To call it illegal is to negate our often-touted slogan of security being everyone’s business. What is illegal in local government leadership willingly sitting together and agreeing to support the process of securing their territories?”

Since the probe panel began sitting two weeks ago, Governor Nyako has not appeared to testify before it.

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