Sleeping On Duty: Ugadans Criticise Ministers, MP

[caption id="attachment_559" align="alignleft" width="400"]Sleeping Ministers Sleeping Ministers[/caption]

Ugandan ministers and members of the country’s parliament have incurred the anger of the public for always dozing or sleeping during important functions.

At a state-of-the-nation address, Uganda's second deputy prime minister, Moses Ali, was seen wearing dark sunglasses that made it impossible to make out if his eyes were open or not.  On several occasions cameras have caught senior government officials and MPs dozing when the president delivers his address.

Four years ago, a local tabloid published on its cover page pictures of sleeping ministers and MPs as President Yoweri Museveni addressed the country.

The public has since come to covet these events as much as the politicians seem to dread them. TV cameras are always out for who is napping and photographs of ministers and MPs sleeping through important speeches.

A former minister, Professor  Edward Kakonge, said when he served, things were exciting and one would have no reason to sleep. “What is happening now is a clear pointer that there is nothing exciting in there anymore." The habitual sleeping, Ugadans say, is as a result of old age of the ministers.

"They are too old and their attention spans have been reduced," Nambooze, an opposition leader reasoned.

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