Ashya, Brain Tumour Boy Leaves Spanish Hospital

BBC reported today that Ashya, the five-year-old brain tumour patient may leave hospital in Spain for proton treatment in the Czech Republic.

Ashya King has been receiving treatment at the Materno Infantil hospital in Malaga, Spain, but Manuel Paz, director of the hospital said “Ashya is ready to leave their care and it may be tonight.

Ashya was removed from a Southampton General Hospital on 28 August following a disagreement with doctors by his parents, Brett and Naghemeh King.

They were later arrested in Spain under a European arrest warrant, which sparked an international outcry.

Ashya will be leaving hospital from Malaga airport in a private plane, the BBC has been told.

However, Paz added that Ashya’s departure could be “delayed until the early hours of Monday morning”.

The treatment he is due to receive in Prague is a type of radiation therapy that uses beams of protons – or small parts of atoms – rather than high energy X-rays, as with conventional radiotherapy.

The protons can be directed at a tumour more precisely than X-rays and unlike conventional treatments the beams stop once they hit the target, rather than carrying on through the body.

Ashya previously had major surgery to successfully remove a brain tumour on July 24 and a further operation on his brain on 22 August.


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