CAC 24-Year Crisis: Pastors Shun Reconciliation

Christ-Apostolic-ChurchA feuding party to the 24-year crisis rocking the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide have shunned a reconciliation move by the church, a factional church leader said. Speaking at the Church's Annual Pastors’ Conference, Alasepe, in Ikire, Osun State, on Tuesday, Pastor Gabriel Lagunju, said the opposing party (the General Executive Council) spurned the olive branch extended to them by the Supreme Council, a faction of the Church. The faction led by Pastor Gabriel Lagunju, disclosed Tuesday at its annual pastors’ conference held at the CAC, Alasepe, Ikire. He stated that rather than work with the 20-member peace committee inaugurated three years ago, the disagreeing group "there was no crisis." in the Church.

“We are ready to sacrifice everything and every position. But let us stress that we want seamless unification that would give equal recognition to all

“The 20-member peace committee eventually teamed up in May 2013 with a neutral group, the CAC Peace and Reunification Group, composed of pastors, elders and youths from the various factions of the mission, who have the same vision.”

Corroborating Lagunju, Pastor Jacob Akinola explained that the Supreme Council made several attempts to reconcile with the GEC, but to no avail.


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