Flamboyant Indian Politician Jailed For Corruption

[caption id="attachment_1721" align="alignleft" width="400"]india Jayalalitha[/caption]

An Indian court has jailed one of the country’s most flamboyant politician, Jayaram Jayalalitha, for using her office to amass wealth. Jayalalitha, a former actor and chief minister of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, was found guilty of amassing $10m, which she could not account for. The high-profile case lasted 18 years and was initiated by a rival political party. Jayalalitha has always claimed innocence and called the litigation a politically-motivated one. The special court in Bangalore, according to Indian Express, convicted the female politician and three others for crime against society.

Jayalalitha, who enjoys a cult personality among her followers was of the AIADMK party. The police were said to have faced a Herculean task while preventing the politician’s supporters from gaining access to the court. Called Amma or Mother by her followers due to their intense loyalty and love for her, Jayalalitha, is known for her lavish lifestyle and broke a world record for her foster son’s wedding, attended by about 50,000 guests.

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