Mugabe’s Wife Earns PhD In 60 Days


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President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace has just been awarded a PhD. and her husband, who’s chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe has capped her.

News of the First Lady’s graduation has come as a surprise to Zimbaweans, since she was only reported to have registered for the degree in July.

The state ZBC broadcaster said Grace Mugabe’s doctorate from the flagship University of Zimbabwe was in sociology and she says she had to work hard.

She’s understood to have studied the case of children’s homes in Zimbabwe a subject that comes as no surprise, since the First Lady runs an orphanage in Mazowe, north of Harare.

What has come as a surprise is the fact that she was awarded the doctorate now just two months after independent press reports said she had enrolled for the programme.

Her start date was never confirmed by the presidency and since her first degree in Chinese language from the People’s University of China was reportedly conferred in 2011, it is technically possible that she began her doctoral studies then.

But that’s not what the majority of Zimbabweans believe and there’s been a degree of outrage on social media.

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