Hunger Turned Me Into A Thief – Man Confesses

Patrick Johnson, 21, has said inability to feed himself was  why he took to stealing. Johnson told Magistrate Anne Akobi in Abuja that hunger made him break into a house, for which he was arrested and standing trial. His excuse however did not cut any ice with the magistrate. Akobi said rather than stealing Johnson could engage in farming.

Akobi said: “Hunger is not an excuse for stealing. Do you mean that whenever anyone is hungry he or she should just break into another person’s house and steal

“Some of you youths of nowadays don’t want to work hard, you don’t want to engage in agriculture, you are always looking for easy and fast way of making money.”

Although, Johnson pleaded guilty to the crime, he was given a-year sentence and ordered to pay N7,000 to his victim.

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