Intriguing Things Women Do On Their Breasts And Buttocks

ARTIFICIAL BUTTOCKS“If you have it, flaunt it,” says the happy phrase that suggests you make obvious what you are proud of. To the female folks, the obvious are the deposits in the chest and back regions. So topical are these female endowments that they attracted different sobriquets, including names of football clubs. A woman with big breasts is jocularly referred to as Manchester United, while one with a large buttocks or averaged-sized buttocks is Barca, a shortened form for FC Barcelona. Other corrupt glorification for the female breasts include attacker, and the buttocks defender. The proliferation of songs glamorising female breasts and buttocks, especially in the hip-hop genre of the Nigerian entertainment industry, show the lavish attention these female body parts attract.

Toyin Adetunmbu (not real name), a bank marketer in Lagos, said she has difficulty wooing potential customers with considerably enticing deposits. She attributed her shortcoming to her stature. Although, outspoken, pretty, tall and light-hued, Adetumbu confessed she lacked attraction in the delicately cherished places.

"I don't have enough fleshy buttocks, like my teammate and it is amazing how much attention she gets from willing customers,” she rued. Adetumbu is one in many female folk who find solace in the fad for body enhancers, like pad bra and butt, known in local parlance as ‘bumbum.’

“The nature of my job demands that I look presentable and pleasing to the eyes, particularly male customers because I have a target I have to meet.”

When asked if she was not engaging in corporate prostitution, Adetunmbi retorted, It is not in all cases that you sleep with a male customer before he gives you an account. You just have to be attractive, at least on the first approach.”

Adetutu Wura, 25, a student, explained the "so-called artificial bumbum is just a piece of cloth, like what we wear as panties. The only difference is that it is padded and I think it is an advantage to ladies because of the confidence it gives them." ARTIFICIAL11-566x189

She added that “men love ladies who are endowed with sexy shape, especially the figure eight types. I do not have those qualities and I get worried when few of the guys I have met said I would have been prettier if I had this or that.” With her face suddenly shorn of its initial conviviality, Wura recalled how she lost her ex-boyfriend to a more gifted rival.

While Adetumbu and Wura are unmarried, Catherine, a 40-year civil servant with a federal parastatal confessed to wearing the artificial bumbum. To her, it is a mere fashion accessory and permissible since it is not sinful to enhance one’s body using such methods. “Afterall there is nowhere in the Holy book that says it is wrong. You just wear and remove, that's all,” she said.
It is believed that about 70 per cent of the female folk where bra enhancer, while about 50 per cent wear butt blow-up. The female body accessories, considered confidence-givers for the wearers, have become more popular nowadays because they are cheap. Each is said to cost N1,000 each or less depending on the quality and where they are bought.

Mrs. Iyanda, a lingerie seller at the Yaba Market, in Mainland Local Council Area of Lagos, it is a booming business for her. “Yodi”, as she calls it, “is a popular fashion item. I do not only sell to young ladies but to women in their 40s and 50s, too. Some ladies even buy as many as five at once and I must tell you that they the real beautiful and classy girls you see around,” she said.

Okechukwu ad Sanya, deal in pad bras and butt, too and share Iyanda’s account.

Interestingly, both claimed to have had male customers who claimed they were buying them for their girlfriends.”

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