Kenya’s President Kenyatta Supervises Destruction Of Heroin-Laden Ship

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Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, at the weekend, supervised the destruction of a large haul of heroine aboard a stateless ship, named Al Noor, in the southern part of Mombasa. The President watched the destruction of the ship aboard a military chopper. The cocaine-laden ship was seized by the government and had become a litigious issue between the former and nine foreigners arrested for drug trafficking in the country. The foreigners were opposed to the destruction of the ship, along with the heroine on it.

Their argument was upheld by a Mombasa High Court. Judge Maureen Odero said that there was no good reason to destroy the ship. A Chief Magistrate Court, also, earlier rejected the government's request to destroy the ship with the heroine worth Sh1 billion Kenyan currency.

President Kenyatta could not be deterred instead.

Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa said the destruction of the ship would send a strong message that Kenya would deal ruthlessly with drug barons and their agents.

"We have to tell the world about the negative effects of drugs. If this amount of heroin had been released into Mombasa, all the youth would be zombies by now," he said. The ship, found with 373 kilograms of heroin, was ringed with explosives, detonated by the Kenyan Navy and sunk deep into the sea about 500m down the sea bed.

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