Liberia President Sacks Officials For Abadoning Ebola Fight

[caption id="attachment_1242" align="alignleft" width="231"]Sirleaf Sirleaf[/caption]

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Sunday, said 10 senior government officials who refused to return to the west African nation to lead the fight against the deadly Ebola outbreak were relieved of their positions.

Sirleaf had told ministers to return within a week as part of a state-of-emergency announcement on 6 August to help combat the disease in the country.

According to World Health Organization, Liberia is one of Ebola most affected countries, which has killed over 2,400 persons since its outbreak.

United Nation health agency said Liberia had recorded 1,137 deaths out of 2,081 cases, more than half of them in the previous three weeks.

“President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dismissed 10 government officials with immediate effect,” her office said in a statement on Sunday.

“These government officials showed insensitivity to our national tragedy and disregard for authority.”

Among them was Victoria Sherman-Lang, the deputy minister for economic affairs at the ministry for justice and Wheatonia Dixon-Barnes, the deputy minister for administration and public safety at the ministry of justice.

Five members of various boards who had left the country without proper excuse have also been told their salaries and other benefits are forfeit until they return home, although they do not need direct presidential travel approval.

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