Mixed Reactions Over Shekau’s Death

The news of the death of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has since Sunday thrown up different reactions as well as confusion.

While an overwhelming number of Nigerians have since taken to various social media platforms to express their joy and commended the Nigerian troops, some, however, have expressed doubt over the authenticity of the claim of the Nigerian Defence Headquarters.

Moreover, Nigeria and Cameroon are currently locked in an argument over who takes the glory for the death of the top Boko Haram leader. While the former claims it killed someone who looked like Shekau in Konduga, the Cameroonian soldiers claimed they killed Shekau in a trans-border attack.

Some of those who doubt the news hinged their argument on the fact that the Nigerian military had in 2009 announced that it killed Shekau only for Shekau to surface in a series of videos later in 2010.

Some also recalled how the military had denied that the Boko Haram sect had taken over villages only for the terrorist group to expand its territorial conquests covering 25 towns in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states as alleged by a Catholic Bishop, Oliver Dashe.

Shekau’s death, for Bashir Yallabai Yusuf, is cheery news and “I think it is high time we started giving our military full support. They need our support to motivate them more.”

Adepoju Adetayo commended the Nigerian troops, asking God to bless them for bringing victory while Adex Adeyemi said: “I know very well that you will gain the victory no matter who their sponsors are. I believe that we’ll all conquer and the souls of our departed heroes smile at your success. By God’s grace, we pray for you to conquer the monsters and come back home in peace and alive.”

Douglas Koko said: “bravo to our military men!!! I can see their morale is quite high. Hope they will be able to subdue these blood-thirsty demons and their band of apologists.”

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