Mob Lynch Man For Stealing

An alleged thief was Tuesday morning beaten and stripped by a mob in the Tollgate, 7up area of Lagos State for trying to dispossess a woman of her belongings.

[caption id="attachment_1800" align="alignnone" width="400"]The alleged thief The alleged thief[/caption]

An eye witness said the man in his mid 30s was about robbing the woman but she resisted and raised an alarm before passersby chased and apprehended the alleged thief.

The eyewitness stated further that shortly after the alleged thief was apprehended, a mob had gathered and they descended heavily on him.

The alleged thief was later forced into ditch, but the timely arrival of men of the Nigerian Police Force, NPF, who came to rescue and took him away saved him from being killed.


This news was sent to newsbreak by Ajisafe Komolafe

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