Six Killed In US Attack On al-Shabab Leaders

Report says at least six persons feared killed Monday, when a US drone attacked a convoy believed to be carrying senior al-Shabab leaders in Somalia. Mohamed Adow, who reports for Al Jazeera said details of the attack near the coastal town of Barawe, Monday night, remained unclear but that the armed group did confirm they had come under attack.

He said reports suggested that up to 10 missiles had been dropped on the convoy carrying senior leaders.

"They denied that their leader, Abu Zubeyr, whose real name is Ahmed Abdi Godane, was in the convoy, though they have confirmed that their convoy did come under attack," Adow said.

The AP news agency reported on Tuesday that six fighters had been killed in the attack on two vehicles heading towards the coastal town of Barawe, al-Shabab's main base.

The Reuters news agency quoted an unnamed US official as saying the government did not know if Godane was dead - "but he was the target."

The US military said it was assessing the results of its attack.

The attack comes days after African Union troops and government forces launched "Operation Indian Ocean", a major offensive aimed at seizing key ports from the rebels and cutting off key sources of revenue.

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