Six Types Of People You Don’t Want To Have A Relationship With

By Adeworan Oluwatomisin Yetunde


An obsessive partner

An obsessive relationship partner is dangerously preoccupied with thoughts of his or her lover, and tends to always behave irrationally. Impatience, jealousy,  hypersensitivity are typical of such person. They are mostly nag and overreact in matters that do not call for one. An obsessive partner can barely endure his or her partner to take a call from the opposite gender, and always quick to ask who the caller was. He or she can hardly wait for the partner to return their missed calls, likely to think the partner must be cheating at the time.

Also, a person with obsessive persona is accusatory. More often than not, their accusations are based on faulty premises.  He or she is the type that suddenly shows up at your door uninvited and overtly possessive.











A nagging partner

A nagging partner has a habit of constantly harassing his or her lover to do what they want or like. A woman or man who nags is hard to please, selfish, attention-seeking, and repetitive.

An insecure partner
Insecurity complex is a psychological problem, and one that is brought about by low self-esteem, lack of confidence, self-pity, and jealousy, but to mention a few. Insecurity complex, as a social behavior, multi-definitional and may manifest in different forms in both achieving and non-achieving people. In a relationship, an insecure partner is naturally suspicious of his or her partner, untrusting, unsure and utterly undependable. An insecure relationship partner is assumptive, and quick to draw conclusions.

A negative thinker

Negative thinking thrives on giving explanations to the unexplainable in one’s life. It is generally sired by low self-esteem, a feeling of misery and how unfair life has been to him or her. It thrives on the believe that whereas one is unfulfilled, friends, relatives or colleagues are betters. In a relationship, a negative thinker wants to be pitied and feels it is the obligation of the partner to do so. A negative thinker will always discourage an aspiring lover from pursuing his or her wishes.

An insensitive partner

Insensitivity to your partner’s feelings implies lack of attention, and not necessarily absence of love. An insensitive partner is the type who hardly says sorry (this can be obstinacy in some people) for wrongs done, and hardly compliments his or her lover. An insensitive lover hardly remembers his or her partners birthdays or other memorable occasions they share. He or she is carefree.










A Domineering partner

A domineering partner is bossy, high-handed, and demanding. A partner with such persona wants things done at his or her own time, and own way. The domineering figure in a relationship is self-seeking, attention-seeking, dictatorial and quite assuming.

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