Collapsed Synagogue Building: Lagos To Investigate Mysterious Aircraft

[caption id="attachment_1385" align="alignleft" width="150"]Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Tpl. Toyin Ayinde (2nd right), his Information and Strategy counterpart, ... Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Toyin Ayinde (2nd right), his Information and Strategy counterpart, ...[/caption]

The Lagos State government has said it will investigate the allegation that the collapsed building  at the Synagogue church was occasioned by an aircraft which purportedly hovered over it. The government said it would investigate the video being shown by the Synagogue General Overseer, Pastor Temitope Joshua, to determine the veracity of such claim.

Mr. Toyin Ayinde, the Commissioner for Town Planning and Urban Development, said this in an interview. He added that the collapsed building was not given an approval by the state government.

Ayinde said: “We are investigating the CCTV clip. One thing we noticed was that there were about four planes that moved at different times of the day. The collapsed area is within the flight corridor, and so, there was a pattern in the movement. You will see them in an ascending direction, meaning that they were just taking off from the airport.”

Speaking further, the commissioner said that because of the distance of the aircraft from the building, it was difficult to ascertain whether they were four different aircrafts.

He lamented the non-activation of the federal government-installed CCTV cameras which would have assisted in the fight against crime in the state and in monitoring such collapses.

“The Federal Government has set up cameras in Lagos State and those cameras have not been activated. The cameras would have also helped us in detecting some crimes and in finding out somethings that are happening, especially in those areas where the cameras have been situated,” Ayinde explained.

He said the Lagos State government has drafted a letter to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA for advice on the aircrafts at those hours of the day and what was their relative position and altitude in terms of the collapsed building.

The time frame for the completion of the investigation was not given, but Ayinde assured Lagosians that the investigation is “on the front burner of the government and everybody is very concerned about the collapse.”

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