Syrian Rebel Leader Killed In Suicide Attack

Hassan Abboud, a leader of one of the most powerful rebel groups, fighting the Bashar Assad regime in Syria was, today, Tuesday, killed in a suicide attack. Abboud, who led the Ahrar al-Sham brigade, was killed along with many commanders during a high-level meeting in Idlib province. Reports put the number of the dead fighters at 45.

[caption id="attachment_1064" align="alignleft" width="300"]Abboud Abboud[/caption]

The strategy meeting was reportedly about charting a way forward for their combat operations against the Islamic State group. Ahrar’s fighters, opposed to the group, are allied with the Islamic Front alliance formed this year. Other groups represented at the meeting were Abdallah Azzam and the Iman brigades.

Others dead commanders were named Abu Yazan al-Shami, a member of the Ahrar's shura council, military field commanders Abu Talha al-Askari and Abu Yousuf Binnish, and Abu al-Zubeir, the head of the Iman brigade. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The groups have been unrelenting in fighting to overthrow the Assad regime in the beleaguered Syrian revolution.

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