Ukraine: ‘Crisis With Russia Will Lead To Full Scale War’

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Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, has warned that his nation's crisis with Russia has worsened in recent days and is inching closer to a full-scale war, adding that his country is very close to the point of no return.

"The point of no return is full-scale war, which already happened in the territory controlled by separatists and where -- instead of separatists -- there are regular Russian troops," Poroshenko said.

Meanwhile, U.S. lawmaker Sen. Robert Menendez, is calling for the arming of Ukrainian forces engaged in fighting Russian troops along the nation's eastern border with Russia. Menendez said it was high time the U.S recognized what's happening in eastern Ukraine -- not a rebel uprising, but a Russian invasion.

Menendez said the U.S must recognize it as such. The lawmaker who is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that he read the misleading  headlines back home that rebels were advancing in different parts of eastern Ukraine, it's not rebels -- it's Russian soldiers.

"We should be providing the Ukrainians with the type of defensive weapons that will impose a cost upon Putin for further aggression."

U.S. President Barack Obama has opposed supplying Ukraine with weapons in the past, but Menendez said he believes the Obama administration should re-examine what he calls changed circumstances there.

"I think the European Union, NATO, as well as the United States has to consider this is dramatically different and we have to give the Ukrainians the fighting chance to defend themselves. I'm not suggesting U.S. troops here or NATO troops here ... but I am suggesting that the Ukrainians have the wherewithal to fight for themselves, " Obama said.

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