US Floods Sweeps 76-year-old Woman To Her Death

A 76-year-old woman was, on Monday, swept away by the raging flood in Phoenix, United States. The victim, a resident of Pinal County, south of Phoenix was lost to the torrential flooding after she and her husband tried to cross a flooded wash. As reported, their car got stuck, and while the man reached the shore, his wife was swept away. Another woman in her 50s was killed when her car was swept downstream after becoming stuck in a rain-swollen creek. The Tucson fire department said the woman's vehicle completely submerged in water after it stuck by a pedestrian bridge. Heavy rains have been pouring in Phoenix, and reportedly turning highways into lake. United States’ National Weather Service was said to have issued flash-flood warnings for parts of Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah, while describing the rains as “a life-threatening situation." The rains set a record of 3.29 inches, beating the 2.91 inches seen in September 1939 for the city's most rainfall in a single day.

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