Why Actors Are Going Into Politics-Okafor

[caption id="attachment_1615" align="alignnone" width="300"]Zulu Okafor Zulu Okafor[/caption]

The zeal to gain power, quest for change and stability in the country have been identified as reasons actors take to politics, this was disclosed by some stakeholders in the Nollywood industry. Mr Zulu Okafor, President, Association of Movie Producers in Nigeria stated in an interview that politics could be used to reach height of power and achievement which should not be restricted to any career.

Okafor, who is a Nigeria Merit Award winner argued thus: “I believe I will also join politics, I want to impact on the life of the people, whether House of Representatives, Senate or even governorship position, after all Richard Mofe Damijo, RMD is not doing bad.”

Another stakeholder, Mr Joshua Ejiro, a resident of Karu, Abuja, corroborated Okafor’s stand by explaining that an average Nigerian likes money and recognition and he doesn’t see an actor going into politics as being controversial.

Monday Odey, a businessman, in Utako Market, Abuja who loves watching Nigerian movies commended Nigerian actors that have delved into politics because they have been making progress so far, according to him: “I strongly have the conviction that they will do better because all that happens in politics had been acted by them, even combining the two will not be bad at all.”

Similarly, Tope Ajayi, a Sociology student, University of Jos, is of the opinion that Nollywood actors do not really know what they want. Tope urged actors to bring those flaws in the country’s politics into acting as a way of showcasing and correcting it, rather than leaving it for something else. “It is unfortunate that people see politics in this country as the final bus-stop of fulfilling their life ambitions and making easy money,’’ Ajayi stressed.

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