‘You Are A Thief and Bastard; God Will Punish You’-Amosun Bombs OGD

Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amosun, on Wednesday, lambasted his predecessor, ex-Governor Gbenga Daniel, who he called a 'bastard' and a 'thief' for selling state-owned property to his cronies while in office. Amosun accused Daniel of selling government farmlands at ridiculous prices to his allies, including the Apoje Farm Settlement allegedly sold to a former Lagos State Commissioner, Prince Ademola Adeniji-Adele.  An enraged Amosun, while on tour of Odeda Local Council Area, pour invective on Daniel, who weeks before at the same council area fired similar salvo at the incumbent governor.

"When they came into power, the farmlands were over 60. When we came, we met only five. They are rogues, thieves and bastards. God will punish them all. Our forefathers will never forgive them and the generations coming will also curse them.

Amosun claimed Daniel was not a bonafide indigene of the state. He said: "They thought we are like them; we are not. We are not bastards from Isoko.

"They came to us then. We were the ones they ran to. We helped them to get where they are claiming today as their home. Although, it isn't time for political campaign, yet I will not hesitate to respond to Daniel's allegations against my administration here in the same Odeda Local Government.

"He is envious of our achievements and successes recorded within the past few years. We need to let them know that we are not thieves like them and I make bold to say that OGD and his people are thieves. They will not be able to stand and campaign for votes here in Odeda by the time I start exposing them. They are treasure looters. If not for the type of the country we are in, they ought to have covered their hands in shame rather than boasting around the town."

The governor faulted claims by Daniel that he sold the Ikenne Rubber Plantation to a foreign company for $10billion.

" They said they sold Ikenne plantation farm to a foreign company at $10billion. When we came in, we saw that they lied. They later came out to say it was just $10million dollars. We met only one million there. We are not thieves like them. We are bonafide sons of the soil and will never do things that will destroy the future of our children.

"They are not happy because we have retrieved all the properties they stole. The hotel, farms, money and others have been collected back.

While on a similar political tour of the council earlier, ex-Governor Daniel said  "When I came into power in 2003, the first place we visited was Odeda and we recognised that agriculture is the mainstay here. We, therefore, established 13 farm settlements. Today, we are sorry that this present government has started selling our farmlands to  neighbouring states.

"He is busy constructing roads and bridges and Alabata Road, which we did when we came in 2003, when I was coming today, I tried to check on the road, the road was very bad. I want to ask you people of Odeda what Amosun has done for you here. He has been constructing bridges all over and nothing was done here for you. He has neglected you.
"The most interesting business after agriculture is quarry. During our time, we ensured that an indigene was there to monitor things, but now, it has been taken over by other people".

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