Ben Murray-Bruce Declares For Senate, Promises To Tackle Poverty


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce, on Monday formally declared his intention to represent Bayelsa East Senatorial District in the National Assembly and promised to ensure he sponsored bills to tackle poverty in the country if elected.

According to him “I have always been concerned about the poverty of the mind, about women who are not being protected, children who are being raped, men who are paedophiles, society, where there is no order; we must bring order to our society. There are too many poor people living under the bridge. Nigeria is too rich for people to be poor and Nigeria is too poor for the upper class to be so rich. That has to stop.”

Having made his declaration he would have to contend with the likes of Senator Barigha Amange and Clever Ikisipo for the seat.

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