Bomb Blast Kills Five, 12 Injured

At least five people have been confirmed dead and 12 people injured after a bomb exploded at a popular bus station in Azare, Bauchi State, the police said, Thursday morning.

The state spokesman of the police, Mohammed Haruna said a man left a bag filled with explosives outside a bus station in the town, which went off.

"We are investigating the matter and we'll get the culprits behind it," said Haruna, It's premature to comment on whether Boko Haram are behind the attack."

Azare is the second-largest town in the state. Dreaded Islamic-sect, Boko Haram militants have attacked the town several times, especially in 2011and 2012.The militants has targeted northern areas including Yobe, Kano, Bauchi, Borno and Kaduna States.

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