Governor Of Maine: Obama Endorses Gay Candidate

Michelle Obama has given her endorsement to an openly gay politician running to become the governor of Maine, Mike Michaud.


The First Lady spoke at an event at the University of Maine on Friday, encouraging young voters to back Mr Michaud, who is neck-and-neck with incumbent Republican Governor Paul LePage ahead of next month’s election.

Mr Michaud came out as gay last year ahead of the election to counter “whisper campaigns” about his sexuality.

Michelle Obama said: “If we bring others along with us then I know we can keep on making that change we can believe in then we can elect Mike Michaud as Governor of Maine and I know that together we can build a future worthy of all our children. If we don’t show up at the polls this November, if we don’t elect leaders like Mike who put people first, instead of just fighting for special interests, then we know exactly what’s going to happen.”



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