Group Reply Sheikh Gumi Over Letter To Buhari

Reactions have continued to trail the open letter written by Kaduna based Islamic scholar, Sheik Ahmad Gumi calling on General Muhammadu Buhari to dump his 2015 presidential ambition, the latest, a group under the aegis Buhari Youth Congress for Change, BYCC, it berated Gumi for maligning the former Head of State.

The group said the letter is capable of heating up the polity hence; Gumi should desist from further writing such. Alhaji Ibrahim Katagun, who spoke on behalf of the group, said Gumi as a respected scholar should rather preach peace as one of the tenets of Islam and not hatred.

According to Katagun, “Dr. Gumi made a lot of mistakes with such statement because he is an Islamic scholar. We expect him to have called on Buhari personally if he wants to advice him and not in the public like he did. Part of the letter also read that Buhari is too old to rule the nation forgetting that one who makes a good leadership starts from the age of 60 years.’’

Katagun also described Buhari as an incorruptible leader the country ever had, “Dr. Gumi also forgot that General Buhari remains the incorruptible leader the nation ever had, we believe there is something secret Gumi is keeping away from the public about General Buhari because this is certainly not the first time he is telling the General to step down. He did same thing during the 2007 race between the General and late Alhaji Musa Yar’adua.’

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