Independence Day Tragedy: Family Of Five Dies

While Nigerians celebrated her 54th Independence Anniversary Tuesday it happened to be a mourning day in Itamaga area of Ikorodu, Lagos State, western Nigeria as a family of five, including four boys and their mother, were found dead in their residence. The incident occurred in their uncompleted building located on 8, Kunle Owooade Close.

An eyewitness said the family was last seen on Friday before their bodies were found on Tuesday, with three of them already decomposing. One died on the way to the hospital.

Three of the children were found in one room, while their mother had soiled herself and was with her last born in another room when sympathisers broke into their apartment.

The alarm was raised around 8pm on Tuesday, when neighbours noticed an offensive odour oozing out of the building.

They had called emergency numbers in the State, which did not yield a positive result.

According to the residents, sympathisers were astonished that they could not receive any assistance from the much publicised emergency numbers.

The sympathisers also invited Policemen from Ikorodu Division who rushed to the scene, but did not offer any assistance, suspecting a case of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease.

The incident has been generating controversy in the neighborhood as some attributed it to food poisoning, while others said it could be generator fume.

Some of the residents said, the victims, were seen last Friday evening before they went to bed switching on their generating set unknown to them that death was knocking.

When neighbours did not see their traces for three days, they assumed they had gone for church programmes as one of the children Pelumi, was a member of The Redeemed Christian Church of God while their mother usually attend Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church MFM, all in the neighbourhood.

The mother, who took over the ownership of the building after her husband’s death about four years ago, was said to be found in her bed room together with her last son while the remaining children were in the other room as at the time of the incident.

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