Jealous Woman drowns Step Daughter In Soak-Away

policePolice investigators in Lagos have extracted a confession from a woman, Aminat Akanni, on how she abducted her two step-children, one of which she killed. Akanni confessed to the crime, citing her husband's refusal not to buy her own son clothes to mark the Muslim Sallah celebration. Akanni told the police how she killed the younger female child, Nofisat, by pushing her off into a soak-away pit beside a mosque at Orile area of the state, where she lived. She claimed to have kidnapped the four-year old Nofisat and seven-year old Lateef from Church Street on the Lagos Island, where they live with their mother. Akanni's husband, Moshood Mubo, said he gave the children some money to buy some biscuits after retiring home on the fateful day before the Sallah celebration.

“What happened was that on the evening of Friday, October 3, when I returned from work- just a day to the Sallah celebrations- I sent the two children to go buy biscuits in front of the street. That was around 7pm. We expected them till around 9pm. I was shocked. I quickly rushed to the Adeniji Adele Police Division, and reported the incident," he said.

Unsuspecting that his second wife was behind their ordeal, Mubo narrated how he and the affected children's mother visited other police stations in the night. Mubo said rather than sympathise with them, Akanni merely boasted over the telephone to him that no one could kidnap her own son. Mubo mentioned few neighbours had told him the missing kids were seen at CMS bus stop, a few meters away from their  residence. Six days after the incident occurred on 3 October, the Police at the Adeniji Adele Police Division arrested Akanni on suspicion that she knew about the incident.

“It was six days later when the police arrested her that she then confessed that she committed the act because she claimed I was not taking care of her, and I had not bought sallah clothes for her son, which is not true. She had sneaked to our area, and asked the two kids to follow her to Orile. This is unimaginable for me,” Mubo said.

Distraught, the kids mother, Funmilayo, said the suspect "wanted to punish me and my husband because she was having issues with us. So, why did she not come after us, why after my two children?”

Mubo said he married Akanni in 2010 and rented an apartment for her at Mosalashi Street, Alakara in Orile to prevent a clash with his first wife.



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