Lagos Perm Sec. Warns Pregnant Mothers Against Smoking, Others

Permanent Secretary in the Lagos State Ministry of Health, Dr Modele Osunkiyesi,  has warned pregnant mothers of smoking hazards, listing it a contributory factor to heart ailments. Speaking for her at the sixth edition of ‘Indulge lunch and learn’, in Lagos, Dr Jemilade Longe, Director, Disease Control, cautioned that the babies in the smoking mother’s womb will be affected.

“If you are pregnant and you smoke, the baby in the womb is also smoking along with you,” she said. She encouraged women to eat balanced diet, engage in physical exercise and avoid habits that are injurious to health. By doing so, Longe said, heart diseases and other non-communicable diseases, NCDs, are prevented. Longe said the government “is involved in NCDs programme and it has been collaborating with stakeholders to reduce the incidents of the disease in the state.”

It was not all about the female folk, as above 40-years men are also enjoined to carry out prostate enlargement test regularly.  As she said, the government has assisted with screening for high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney during its wellness week, aiming at preventing NCDs.

“People should engage in physical exercise or walk briskly for about 30 minutes regularly as well as play a game to calm the nerves and laugh often. Heart attack is preventable,” Longe said. Other health practitioners at the event echoed Longe’s position, stating that early detection of ailments ensures prompt treatment.

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