Man Commits Suicide After Raping Wife

A Ghananian man, Kwaku Siaw, was reported to have violently assaulted and raped his estranged wife on a farm, after which he retired home to down a bottle of poison. The Chronicles reported that Siaw attacked Afia Gyamah, 54 on the farm located at Masu near Dormaa-Ahenkro in Ghana. Gyamah has since been admitted to the Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital. Narrating her ordeal, Gyamah said Siaw attacked her while she was working as a labourer in the farm.  She claimed Siaw had asked her help to lift some food items to his head, but she was reluctant due to her perception of his mood. Due to her refusal, Gyamah alleged that Siaw threatened to kill her for divorcing him, hence asked her to say a last prayer.

Siaw broke up.Gyamah on hospital bed

Gyamah on hospital bed

She claimed to have pleaded to him to spare her, which Siaw purportedly agreed but not after having sex with him. Gyamah said she consented, but anywhere other than the bush. Gyamah said she promised to reconcile with him, which he did not take heed to. Rather, Siaw forcefully had sex with her in the bush. While he did, Gyamah pretended to be dead and Siaw quickly fled. Gyamah later struggled to get to the highway where passers-by helped her to a hospital. Siaw's lifeless body was discovered by those Gyamah narrated the incident to.

On why she left her husband, Gyamah said Siaw had always accused her feeding her siblings, who were living with the couple, with his money. She said they were married for seven years without children, but had children from their previous marriages.  Despite intervention from some elders, Siaw was adamant and insisted on dissolving the marriage. Undeterred, the elders called for another meeting between the embattled couple, which did not happen. What happened was Siaw's death after the assault. His body has since been deposited in the mortuary.

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