Man Who Kills Mother And Had Sex With Her Corpse Bags Life Sentence


Steel-hearted Kevin Davis, 18, from Texas, United States, has bagged a life sentence for killing his mother, Kimberly and sexually assaulting her corpse. Nueces County jurors delivered the verdict after they finding Davis guilty of the 26 March murder. The convict told prosecutors he strangled his mother with a video game cord before hitting the back of her head 20 times with a hammer.


The sickened man also confessed to have had sex with her corpse. I guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse, Davis confessed.

Not done, he attempted, but gave up killing his sister, Desirae Hill, too. Desirae was spared when she would not show up early, forcing Davis to ride off on his bike.

The convicts father, Clyde, described the incident as uncalled for. He didnt have to do that, he said.

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