Nicole Scherzinger Causes Car Crash

Nicole Scherzinger triggered a car crash when she jumped out of a moving limo because she was feeling ill, according to reports.

The singer was reportedly travelling through London last Thursday, after filming her new music video Run, when she began feeling ill and begged her driver to stop.

[caption id="attachment_2331" align="alignnone" width="400"]Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger[/caption]

According to The Sun, she tried to jump out of the moving car and when the driver stopped to help her, he left the limousine in gear and it crashed into another car. It sparked worries the star might be stressed and tired after a busy few weeks.

A source told the newspaper "She was in the car back to her hotel at when she started to feel ill, she screamed at the driver to pull over, but it was impossible to stop. She must have been really disorientated because all of a sudden she opened the door."

It seems the singer wasn't injured because she has been spotted out and about with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton since. It comes as the star revealed her new album will be personal and delves into her relationship with the Formula 1 driver.

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