Nigeria To Collect Tolls At Borders – Gusau

Chairman of Concessioning and Tolling Committee, Federal Maintenance Agency, Mohammed Gusau has said the Federal Government will start collecting tolls from countries that share border with Nigeria.

He added that the government would soon introduce the International Vehicle Transit charge at the nation’s border posts, and the revenue earned would be used in maintaining the roads.

“As you leave this Idiroko border, before you enter the capital of Republic of Benin, Cotonou, you will pay a toll at their border post before you enter with your vehicle,” Gusau said.

Gusau said the Federal Road Maintenance Agency, FERMA would put the roads leading to the border posts in good shape before tolling would commence.

Regarding the Idiroko border, Gusau said after assessment and meeting with stakeholders, said the committee would write about its findings and make recommendations to the appropriate authorities.

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