Nigerian Man Dies After Cocaine Implodes In His Tummy At Madrid Airport

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An unnamed Nigerian drug courier, who boarded a plane from Istanbul to Madrid, the capital of Spain, was left for dead after ingesting a drug overdose that eventually imploded inside him, ripping his stomach open. The man, gripped by excruciating pains due to the drug effects could not be helped by airport officials who feared he had Ebola.  A Spanish newspaper, El Mundo reported that the man was left to shiver on the floor in the customs section of the Madrid-Barajas airport for over an hour. Initially unaware of his actual problem, Ebola scared airport officials distanced themselves from the victim when they learnt he was from Nigeria. The officials merely knew he was writhing from drug pains more than an hour later, and which time his condition had become irredeemable. El Mundo said the man arrived from Instanbul on 18 October, and died 90 minutes from the drug overdose.

“A civil guard officer initially positioned the man on his side and identified him from personal documents.

'When it was clear he was a Nigerian, no one dared touch him.

'Medical staff decided immediately that there was a risk that this could be a case of Ebola,” the paper reported. Daily Mail added that the an accompanying passenger told the police that the deceased had not been to Nigeria in four years.

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