O.J Simpson Contracts AIDS In Prison

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Convicted former American footballer, actor and broadcaster O.J Simpson may have contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, from his transsexual lover Jazmena Jameson, according to National Enquirer. It is feared the 67-year old Simpson, currently serving a 33-year sentence at Lovelock Correctional Centre, in Nevada, USA, may be living with blown AIDS. The British gossips paper quoted Jameson as saying “I could have given O.J AIDS!”

Having spent only six years of his 2007 prison sentence for armed robbery, kidnapping and other felonies, Simpson was reported to have confided his condition in a friend.

“I feel the end coming…But I don’t want to die in prison like common scum,” he allegedly said. Simpson staked a claim to notoriety after he was accused of murdering his wife, Nocole Brown in 1995. The trial kept the entire US on the edge, stoking its sensibilities to racial issues. Simpson was eventually acquitted of the crime, but leaving huge opinions against the desirability of his acquittal.

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