Patience Jonathan Fighting Me Because I refused Her Share In Rivers Money – Amaechi

Patience-Jonathan-and-Rotimi-Amaechi-360x225Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi has said he fell out with President Goodluck Jonathan’s wife, Patience for refusing to share state’s funds with her. He spoke during a ceremony for the first set of graudands from the Ignatus Ajuru University of Education at Rumuolumeni, on Friday. “The quarrel between me and the wife of the Preseident is because she said I should bring your money, Rivers peoples money and share with her,” the governor was quoted on African Independent Television, AIT, as saying. Amaechi added that he similarly declined to give ex-militants money, so as to enable him execute developmental projects.

He said: "Remember, when I became governor, I fought militancy. Right there where you built a new house used to be a hole where they pass into the river and escape. The security report reached me and I came here and chased the militants away.

“I asked them to fence the school premises and block the hole. I have to protect you because it is my responsibility. Some of the militants went to Lagos, Ivory Coast, Ghana etc.

“I refused to give them money in Abuja because if I do that, I won't be able to carry out any developmental projects or finish the road from Rumuolumeni to Rumuepirikom.” The governor said the militants are back in the state because “the wife of the President bought them back to protest against me."

He enjoined the graduands to vote out President Jonathan in next year’s election, who he alleged “has refused to bring any project to Rivers state.”

"Now that you are graduates, you are eligible voters that can use your voters card to change society. Ask yourself this question that I have always asked Rivers people.

“What have we (Rivers people) done to President Jonathan that he. We had to fight them before they could do the East-West road. I had to abuse the federal government and they abused me back before they could do the work you now see on that road. Our President, from the South-South, has taken oil wells from Soku in Rivers state to Bayelsa state. What about the 41 oil wells in Etche that was given to Abia state? Is the President or his wife from Abia? Why do they want us to suffer? If President Jonathan comes back to power in 2015, Rivers state economy will crash."


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