Patience Jonathan Resigns As Bayelsa Permanent Secretary

Wife of President Goodluck Jonathan has voluntarily resigned her appointment as Permanent Secretary in the Bayelsa State Civil Service after two years of service.

The 57-year-old Patience was one of the appointed 17 permanent secretaries in the state civil service in July 2012. A ranking official of the ministry said it was true Patience had resigned voluntarily.


The official, who did not want her name in print because she was not authorised to speak on the matter, said she was not aware of the resignation having political undercurrents.

She said, “I can say Patience Jonathan has voluntarily retired. But whether there is political undertone in her resignation or not, I cannot say. I think the First Lady felt that her continued stay as Permanent Secretary will be depriving others. Now that she has resigned, it will afford others the opportunity to take over her position.

“Already, in accordance with the civil service rules, we have prepared all her entitlements. Whatever is due her will be given to her. She will also be receiving her pension.”


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