Police Smash 5-man Robbery Gang, Recover 16 Cars

[caption id="attachment_2468" align="aligncenter" width="400" class=" "]The suspects The suspects[/caption]

The Police in Lagos have paraded before journalists a car-snatching robbery gang, which include a Ghananian and a Liberian. About 16 vehicles were recovered from them, including salon cars and sports utility vehicles. The suspects are Mahmud Abdulakeen Tanko, 48; Musa Yusuf; Abayomi Adebayo, 53; Israel Nnana, 30 and Moses Andrel,25.

[caption id="attachment_2469" align="alignleft" width="400"]Recovered cars the recovered cars[/caption]

The police said  the robbers were arrested in Lagos, Oyo, Rivers and Abuja by men of the Lagos State Anti Robbery Squad. While Tanko was arrested in Abuja, his Liberian and Ghanian accomplices, Andrel and Nana were rounded up in Oyo and Rivers States respectively. Adebayo's alleged role in the team was forging of engines and chasis numbers of the stolen vehicle; he was arrested at Ayobo, in Lagos. The suspects confessed to the crime. Andrel told police investigators that he was driver with a multinational company before Nana convinced him to join the gang. He said he had sold four stolen cars since joining the gang, while Nana confessed to selling two cars.

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