Reeva Steenkamp’s Parents Reject Pistorius’ £21,000 Compensation

Barry and June Steenkamp, parents of the woman shot dead,  by Oscar Pistorius rejected a lump sum of £21,000 offered by the athlete for their 'pain and suffering, a court heard Wednesday morning.

[caption id="attachment_2162" align="alignnone" width="306"]June: Mother of late Reeva June: Mother of late Reeva[/caption]

They also vowed to return 'every cent' of monthly payments totalling £6,000 that their daughter Reeva's killer has been depositing into an account since her death. A probation officer hired by Pistorius' legal team had earlier told the court the athlete's financial gesture had been an indication of his grave remorse for taking Reeva's life.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said the lump sum payment, raised by the sale of the runner's car, had been immediately rejected by the family, with Mrs Steenkamp insisting she did not want 'blood money'.

Nel said the couple would also not proceed with any civil action against the track star. Dup De Bruyn, a lawyer for the Steenkamps, later claimed his clients had received R6,000 (£340) a month for the last 18 months. He said the payments had now stopped and the money would be repaid.

De Bruyn said he approached the athlete's legal team in the weeks after the model's death to explain that her family was struggling financially because Reeva regularly sent money to her cash-strapped parents.

'The lawyer said the Steenkamps were now in a position to repay the money - a total of £6,200. Outside court, lawyers for Pistorius said the explanation given by the Steenkamp's lawyer 'regarding events of payment is not accurate'.

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