Spanish Ebola Patient’s Husband Insists On keeping Family Dog

Javier Limon Romero, husband of a Spanish nurse, Teresa Romero, 44 who became the first person in Europe to be infected with Ebola Virus Disease, EVD have said that they can’t part with their dog, after wife got infected with the disease while treating Spanish priests, who died of Ebola.

Ramos, from Galicia in northwest Spain, one of the medical team that treated two repatriated Spanish priests who died from Ebola, was diagnosed with the illness on Monday.

Romero raged: '’I want to publicly denounce a man called Zarco, who I think is Head of Health for the community of Madrid and who told me that I have to sacrifice my dog. He's asked for my consent and I've denied it, to which he responded that they would ask for a court order to enter my house and sacrifice it.’'

Teresa is now being held in quarantine at a hospital in Madrid under police guard but terrifyingly said she followed all safety protocols but still became ill.

Ebola is spread via bodily fluids like vomit or diarrhoea, but Mrs Teresa wore a protective suit and there are fears the clothing did not meet safety standards. When asked how she thinks she became ill she told El Mundo: 'I can't tell you, I haven't the slightest idea'.

She was asked if she did anything that would have put herself at risk she said: 'No, not at all,' adding 'yes, I followed protocols'.

Mrs Romero Ramos said days after contracting Ebola: ‘'I'm a little better now' but would not expand on her health and was described as struggling to speak by the journalist who briefly interviewed her.

Her husband Javier Limon Romero, who is also in quarantine over fears he may too have contracted the disease, said his wife was not worried about getting ill and volunteered to help the priests.

'She volunteered. Other people ran way. But not Teresa,' he said. ‘'I have heard that others called in sick. But not Teresa. She asked to be sent there.' Armed police have been spotted outside the nurse's Madrid home in the suburb of Alcorcon, as curious members of the public gathered outside.

Their identities came out after Mr Romero asked a Spanish animal charity to start a social media campaign to stop health officials putting his dog down.



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