Three Explosions Rock Motor Park In Gombe, Casualties Unknown –Police

Abdullahi Kudu, Area Police Chief, where three explosions on Friday morning rocked the Gombe Line Motor Park, Gombe State has confirmed the explosions but said the number of causalities cannot be confirmed.

“We had explosions at the Gombe line motor park, as for the death toll, we are still working on that,” Kudu said.

The police and eye witnesses said the explosion occurred around 9:30 am on Friday. The Three bombs which were said to be concealed in bags went off, the latest in a series of attacks targeting commuters blamed on the dreaded Islamic-sect, Boko Haram, police and witnesses said.

An employee of the state-run bus park, Lawanti Aliyu, and other witnesses said three men left bags packed with explosives among the buses which went off at 9:00 am.

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