War Of The Sarakis, As Gbemisola Signifies Governorship Ambition

gbemi-and-bukolaA repeat episode of the clash of interests between Gbemisola Sakari, a former senator, and his brother, Senator Bukola Saraki, may recur if she eventually becomes the PDP governorship candidate for Kwara State in 2015. Gbemisola, for the second time on the bounce, will be contesting against his brother’s political godson, Governor Ahmed Abdulfatah, a situation that pitted the two siblings against each other in 2011.

In a letter to the chairman and elders in the state PDP, Gbemisola signified her aspiration after purported months of consultations across the state.

She said: “This decision is informed, on the one hand, by calls by family members, friends and several thousands of members of our party who are convinced about my capacity to lead the state out of its present state of hopelessness and stagnation which the ruling party has deliberately thrown it into.

“On the other hand, it is informed by the positive reactions received so far from majority of elders and stakeholders of our party, and other members of the public during my statewide consultations.”

Gbemisola said she is offering herself for service to ensure that Kwara State is better governed, stating that “we face an electorate that has been exhausted by broken promises, bad governance, collapse infrastructure, an ailing economy, and a host of other problems that seem to defy solutions. “But with God on our side, and the unalloyed support of our party, I believe I would bring my experience and connection to bear to salvage our dear state from the brink of collapse.”

In 2011, Gbemisola contested on the ticket of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN – a party floated by her father – but lost to the incumbent governor, who then ran under the PDP.

Governor Abdulfatah has since defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC, alongside his political benefactor, Bukola Saraki. Gbemisola’s defeat at the polls was the last straw that broke their father, Olusola Saraki’s, stronghold on Kwara politics. As seemed then, Bukola Saraki, emerged his father’s alter ego in deciding who became what in the politics of the North Central State.


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