Woman Sets Boyfriend On Fire Over Spaghetti

A woman, Melissa Dawn Sellers in Florida, United States of America, USA, has set her boyfriend, Carlos Ortiz on fire during an argument over spaghetti and meatball using nail polish remover.

Police believe the two got into the argument after a night of drinking. Local reports said the argument started when Ortiz threw out the meal cooked by Sellers. According to police in Clearwater, Sellers poured the nail polish remover on Ortiz and then ignited him with either a lighter or burnt cigarette.

Bay 9 News quoted a neighbour, Ines Causevic, as saying "She was setting little objects on fire, then that turned into pouring nail polish remover all over him, and then all of a sudden, the lighter sparked and Ortiz started burning, when he got up, his face was like melting off, it was pink and sore." Causevic said she was the one that poured water on him.

Ortiz, 42, was taken to hospital with burns on his face, chest and shoulders. He is reported to be in a critical condition. Sellers had been charged with aggravated battery. According to the reports, she had already faced arrest for battery and robbery.

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