Aregbesola Drops Bombshell, Says ‘PDP On Its Way To Hell’

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Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola, Thursday, said the  the Peoples Democratic Party was  on its way to hell and would walk there alone. The governor spoke during his swearing-in for a second term as governor, held in in Oshogbo, the Osun State capital. Aregbesola described the Osun PDP of using “divisive tendencies” that bothered on religion and ethnicity for its selfish purpose. He said such action negates the communalism the Yoruba people are known for.

The governor said: “Our adversaries have taken the road to perdition by seeking to divide our people along religious and ethnic lines. On this path, they will travel alone.

“Our diversity is our strength; God has bequeathed to us the freedom of choice. We are at liberty to be Christian, Muslim, traditional religious worshiper, atheist, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Ijaw or Efik. What is unnatural and quite strange to Yoruba communal liberalism is to engage in conflict on account such differences.

Aregbesola said the PDP are “self-seeking manipulators” whose religion is “poverty.” He said Nigeria needs “God-fearing and incorruptible leaders who will galvanize our people and judiciously husband our resources to overcome our challenges.”

He said “we must terminate the regime of self-seeking manipulators who... make “political profit by turning us against each other and further dividing us along ethnic and religious lines.” Argbesola, who was re-elected last August, said the result of purported divisive politics of the PDP had, in the last 16 years, made Nigerians poorer.

A manifestation, Aregbesola said, is the PDP’s “continued lawlessness evidenced in the desecration of the National Assembly and the travesty at Ekiti Assembly.”

“We must therefore be determined to vote out the party that has brought us to this sorry pass. We must show them the way out. We must let them know that on their way to hell, they will walk alone,” he said.

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