Assemblies Of God Church Sacks Pastor

The Assemblies of God Church has sacked Rev. Paul Emeka as General Superintendent of the church. The decision to relieve Emeka of his position was taken at the church's General Council meeting held at the Evangel Camp, Okpoko in Ebonyi State. About 7,000 delegates attended the conference. Emeka’s pastoral certificate was also withdrawn. Rev. Chidi Okoroafor has been named to succeed him.


The delegates said the erstwhile General Superintendent was excommunicated because he dragged the name of the church in the mud by instituting legal suits and using law enforcement agencies to witch-hunt some of the leaders of the church.

According to the Legal Adviser of the church, Barrister Abuka, the dismissal of Emeka was necessary and had paved the way to institute litigation against the former general superintendent, who was alleged to be “making moves with some members to take over the church.”

The church also claimed he was working with other alleged collaborators believed to be working at cross-purposes with the church’s leadership.

Commenting on the crisis rocking the church, Okoroafor said the measures were necessary to remove those whom he described as “dissidents bent on frustrating progress” in the church.


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