Boko Haram: CAN Asks Military To Fish Out Saboteurs

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN Wednesday said it was ready to meet senior Muslim clerics with a view to ending the insurgency and unprovoked attack on Christians and churches in the country.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the President of CAN who said this during the opening ceremony of the Association's National Executive Council meeting in Abuja also said fifth columnists among security agencies who have been sabotaging the government's war against insurgency should be fished out and dismissed.

Oritsejafor noted that territories that have fallen under the control of the dreaded Islamic-sect, Boko Haram are predominantly populated by Christians who he said, were no longer safe in those parts of the troubled country. He re-echoed his earlier stance that Boko Haram is waging a religious war against Christians. Oritsejafor, who has consistently been at the front-line of criticising activities of the sect, said the carnage in the North-east is unacceptable. "What is happening in the North-east is unacceptable," Oritsejafor affirmed.

"What is happening there is unacceptable to us. Christians are the main victims. We are not saying that other people are not affected. "But Christians are the ones affected more. All the places where Boko Haram has foisted their flags are dominated by Christians." "They have taken over Mubi in Adamawa state which is dominated by Christians. Somebody will now tell me this is not religion. Who is fooling who? Nigerians should accept that we have a problem," the leader of Christian community in Nigeria stated.

He called on the leadership of the military to fish out saboteurs if the war against terror must be won. "All well meaning Nigerians must pray and continue to pray. We must pray. I will not join those condemning our security agencies. They are Nigerians. Women are losing their husbands and children are losing their fathers. I want to challenge the military. They can do better. They must continue to fish out those sabotaging their efforts. Those people should be expelled. They are in all the security agencies. "No matter the intention you have, if you have people working against you, you will not succeed. There are too many people in the system working against the system. Why should these kind of things be happening? Innocent people are being killed. It's too much. Enough is enough," Oritsejafor told the audience. On the forthcoming general elections, Oritsejafor appealed to Christians across the country to register and vote, adding that they must participate in who govern them. Oritsejafor who said he suspects a cover up on the part of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over the poor handling of the distribution of the permanent voters' cards, warned that any plans to disenfranchise Christians will be resisted. "I want to say passionately to Nigerians. ‎Go and get your voters' cards. I want to appeal to INEC to double up. Our people must register and have their voters' cards. I hope INEC is not doing something deliberate here in order to prevent Christians from voting. I hope Professor Attahiru Jega can hear me. We must all vote and vote wisely."

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