Britain Considers New Law Seizing Jihadists Passports

[caption id="attachment_2705" align="alignleft" width="400"]Cameron addressing Australia's parliament Cameron addressing Australia's parliament[/caption]

Britain has said it would begin to seize passports belonging to British jihadists to stop them from re-entering the country after fighting overseas. British Prime Minister David Cameron said the move one of its proposed counter-terrorism measure, including preventing airlines that do not comply with Britain’s no-fly lists from landing. He told Australia’s parliament ahead of the G20 meeting holding in Brisbane, in the Austrian State of Queensland.

"We will shortly be introducing our own new Counter-Terrorism Bill in the UK,” he said.

Cameron stated that police would be empowered “at ports to seize passports, to stop suspects travelling and to stop British nationals returning to the UK unless they do so on our terms.” Also affected are airlines that “do not comply with our no-fly lists or security screening measures from landing in the UK," he said.

It is believed at about 500 radicalised Britons are aligned with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIL are fighting in Iraq and Syria. Britain’s proposed legislation is sync with a similar rule in Australia which gives the state powers to cancel passports of, and prevent nationals from travelling to Iraq and Syria. The law has been meted to 73 Australians over their involvements in terrorists activities bearing links to ISIS.

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